Giving Back to the Streets

Giving Back to the Streets

On Sunday Sept. 25, 2022 from 4pm – 7pm join us at Tee Pee Treats inside CO*LAB — 9641 102 A Ave — for Giving Back to the Streets 5. A day of live music, drummers, dancers, and food for everyone.

Giving Back to the Streets 5
Sunday Sept. 25, 2022
1pm – 7pm
Tee Pee Treats 9641 102 A Ave

Sponsored by Astum Auto Loans

Every year the community comes together to donate food, clothing, and other items to our brothers and sisters. This year it is sponsored by Astum Auto Loans to help with the cost of the venue at CO*LAB.

Thank you to Astum Auto Loans for sponsoring the entire CO*LAB space for the day!

For the love of our inner-city community, we must take care of one another.

Donations from the Community

We are now accepting donations for winter clothing including, socks, gloves, toques, jackets, scarfs, and winter boots. For drop off location call Melissa Fleury Grandbois at 7803995499.

Food donations of wild meat, vegetables, and flour are welcome for the soup and bannock can be dropped off the next time you grab lunch of dinner from Tee Pee Treats in CO*LAB at 102 A Ave. We also accept food store gift cards to help with the cost of making the food, or donations via etransfer:

Dallas Yellowdirt DJ’ing on the 1’s and 2’s with LightningCloud Rapping and Singing

The day of celebration will be filled with music and entertainment. We are actively seeking volunteers, drummers, and dancers who would like to showcase their incredible skills for the event. Please contact Curtis directly:

Many blessing and love to everyone who supports Tee Pee Treats Indigenous Cuisine.