Welcome to Tee Pee Treats

Welcome to Tee Pee Treats

Tee Pee Treats open Tuesday – Saturday 12 PM ~ 6PM

Tee Pee Treats is home at the CO*LAB – Community {Arts} Laboratory in the Quarters on the East edge of Downtown Edmonton. Stop by for lunch, or grab dinner on the way home.

Bannock Dry Mix & Tee Pee Treats Available Now!

Edmonton’s favourite bannock is available for sale online here at TeePeeTreats.com! Place your order and make bannock this weekend for you family, hot and fresh.

Tee Pee Treats Caters!

Bannock-infused festivities are best way to celebrate the holidays! We are busy with catering orders through the winter, but get in touch with your group of 30 or more.

We would love to share joy, laughter, and bannock with our custom menu of bannock-infused crowd-pleasers.